Importance of Jury Minutes – Best Practices

As you all know, the documentation required for alpine ski racing continues to evolve. Jury Minutes and all other race documents are “legal documents”. This document was composed to help you write them efficiently and effectively. The content used found in this document comes from the PowerPoint presentation 2018-2019 MINUTES “A Guide for the Preparation of Jury Minutes & Team Captains’ Meeting Minutes distributed by the Alpine Officials working group. The verbiage and format contained in this note are “suggestions” not “rules”.  As long as the intent of the rules is observed, formatting and content of Minutes is at the discretion of the author.

Jury Decisions without Protests should include:

Used to document any Jury decision not related to protest or sanction, e.g.:

          - acceptance of event medical plan
          - acceptance of course set(s)
          - acceptance of on-hill competitor security
          - confirmation of daily Program
          - document Program changes, e.g. lengthy delays, postponements,  
            terminations or cancellations, etc.  
          - confirm provisional rerun/provisional start
          - document unusual situations that may require future verification   
          - document Sanctions as defined by ACR/ICR Art. 223*         

* With the exception of Minutes related to Sanctions, an entire day’s decisions may be documented on one form; Minutes related to sanctions must be documented on separate forms and will be addressed in a later slide

When Preparing Jury Minutes

•        Remember you are preparing a legal document!
•        Do NOT use pre-formatted “fill-in-the-blanks” Jury Minutes forms
•        Do NOT alter form to include both Ladies’ and Men’s Jury members and decisions on one form 
•        Be concise
•        Use one form per gender/per event for multiple decisions
•        Verify content/applicability of quoted rules
•        Obtain all required votes / signatures
•        DO NOT document opinions (facts not supported by evidence or by the rules)
•        DO cite applicable ACR/ICR rules
•        Distribute only as required!
•        DO NOT document unnecessary items: 

e.g. “Jury thanked for their service.”, “Appeal will be filed.”

If there is a protest or sanction presented to the jury for adjudication during the competition, Use the document Jury decisions regarding Protests as defined by ACR/ICR Art. 641. 

When creating Jury Minutes that include a protest or sanction please make sure the following information is included:

- Each person who is a witness to an alleged offense is required to testify (224.5)
- Person accused of an offense shall be given the opportunity to present a defense at a hearing, orally or in writing (224.7 – due process!)

Jury Minutes related to protest / sanction must contain:
•        Offense committed
•        Evidence submitted
•        Rule(s) violated
•        Penalty imposed (224.8)

- Jury Minutes must not contain opinions (facts not supported by evidence or by the rules).  

Fees collected for protests that are not upheld must be forwarded to your National Federation!

I have attached the PowerPoint Presentation from which the information presented was derived. Please review as you deem appropriate. 


January 14, 2019