Event Document USSS Race Packet Preparation and Submission Requirements

In preparation for this year’s competition season, I am attaching this Year’s instructions for preparation and submission of the Race Result XML file and the Event Document Packet for all Scored and Non-Scored US Ski & Snowboard events. This document can also be found in the Master Packet forms (05 Non-FIS Event Document Packets.doc;) The POST-EVENT CHECKLIST located on page 2 of the attached document is very useful when preparing your race packet.

In addition to emailing the digital packet submission in PDF format to [email protected]; with the U.S. Ski & Snowboard race code used as email subject, make sure that you submit a copy to the assigned TD for your race and to the Alpine Officials Chair ([email protected] or to [email protected].)  

NOTE: All document originals must be placed in a secure location.  If a serious accident occurs as outlined in “Guidelines for Serious Accidents”, immediately contact U.S. Ski & Snowboard Competition Services.  

Coaches, TD’s, Program directors and PARA directors please forward this to the race administer at your ROC.


January 13, 2019