How do I find information about AO Timing?

Last year's note from Fred, this article will be updated when Fred provides current info. In the meantime, many valuable links are below.

Dear AO Timing coordinators,

Today, it's snowing hard and wet here in Pennsylvania! A great morning to think about ski racing.

There are now several educational videos posted on timing and connecting timers to Split Second, etc on YouTube.

Dave Iverson from Burke has a great deal of useful material on using ALGE Timy timers, Split Second, Etc. Checkout his youtube video at USSARACEHELP.

We have posted materials on the Microgate equipment. Click here to access SPORTS TIMING INTERNATIONAL.

Please let us know if there are other videos and tutorials available that could be helpful.

The Timing Guys website, WWW.TIMINGGUYS.COM, another great place to post links and comments. Also checkout their FORUM for ski racing timing.

I am planning to be at several of the clinics this year. See you there.


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