How can you get nominated for the Sheibley Award?

Nominations are open for the Sheibley Awards which is awarded annually and presented on the last day of the PA Cup Finals. Nominees are accepted from any PARA member who seeks to recognize an outstanding U18 or U21 racer. Evaluation is not based on athletic achievement; but instead, nominees are evaluated upon excellence in the following:
· a desire for broader race experiences · continuous improvement · ambition, · dedication, · focus, · attendance, · effort, and · responsibility

Skip the formalities, tell us what's great about your candidate. Fancy prose or endorsements are not needed. What's special about this racer?

Nominations must be received by February 15 to the Executive committee of the Board of Directors via the [email protected].

PARA congratulates Indiana Jones, BMRA, the 2012 Sheibley Award winner.