Important Update for All PARA Racers

Over the past year, there have been many discussions concerning the USSA equipment rules that were passed for 2016/2017 year.  A task force was organized by a number of USSA Divisions to evaluate the equipment rules and make recommended changes for the future of non-FIS ski racing.

During the May USSA Congress, a new set of equipment rules for U19 and above in USSA races (not FIS) was approved by both the USSA Alpine Sport Committee and the USSA Board of Directors.  Essentially, the rules for U16 athletes will now apply to U19 and above athletes as well.  

This is a significant change for U19 and older athletes.  The new rules are minimum requirements only.  There will be cases where athletes will choose to use a longer ski, or a ski with a greater radius than the minimum based on size, level of conditioning and skiing skill level.  It is important for all athletes and parents to consult with their coaches PRIOR to buying new skis for the coming season.

These new equipment rules only apply to USSA racing.  Athletes racing in FIS races will need to comply with FIS equipment rules and U16 athletes who are on a potential FIS track should be moving in the direction of FIS equipment rule compliance as early as possible.


Please contact your Program Directors or coaches for further guidance.

Have a great summer,

David Bond - President Pennsylvania Alpine Racing Association

May 19, 2017