Race Information



Race Entry Form

USSA entry form required for PARA and USSA competitions; this form is required for every race.  The race form is listed below.  Download the form and complete it for each race per day. Mail the form and a separate check for each race to the address listed on the race schedule. Online registration is available by some clubs who elect to offer it. Links are provided from the race schedule when online registration is available. Adobe Acrobat (PDF reader) is required to read this form and it can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com.

Race Entry Form.pdf

Race Results

Race results of male and female competitors for scored and non-scored competitions.  

If the race organizers have internet connectivity, they will often sign up and post the live unofficial results at www.live-timing.com. Sometimes technical issues "result in no results" being posted on the website.

Race Results are accessed via USSA's portal called My USSA. Once in the portal, scroll to the lower section of the screen and access "Events". Enter criteria that pinpoints your desired selection. Criteria can be left blank, but the more you enter the more precise list of events is returned.

Once your list is displayed, race results are posted when the date is listed in the last column. Click on the race code in the first column and race results will display.

Anyone can set up a My USSA account; USSA membership is not required.